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Wound Care

Our wound care program can be described in three words – Products, Service and Support. As a leading supplier of wound care products, our company has established itself as a trusted ally among healthcare professionals. Our program can be used by home health agencies, long-term care facilities, outpatient wound care centers, rehabilitation centers and physician offices.

More Quality Products
We offer an extensive inventory of both traditional and advanced products representing the industry’s leading manufacturers of wound care supplies. Brand requests are typically honored. We ship wound care products directly to patients’ homes or alternate care sites across the United States.

We offer wound care products in these categories:

  • Alginates
  • Bordered Gauze
  • Collagens
  • Composites
  • Compression
  • Contact Layer
  • Foam Dressing
  • Hydrocolloids
  • Hydrogel Covers
  • Hydrogel Filters
  • Hydrogel Impregnated Gauze
  • Impregnated Gauze
  • Nonbordered Gauze
  • Retention Dressings
  • Specialty Absorptives
  • Transparencies
  • Unna Boots/Pack

Exceptional Service
We also provide these services to our customers:

More Clinical Support
In keeping with a commitment to patient care, healthcare providers have access to our wound, ostomy and continence (WOC) nurses. These knowledgeable clinicians are able to:

Our commitment to Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) patients
We demonstrate our focus on patient care and exceptional service through a commitment to patients with a rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). EB is an inherited connective tissue disorder that results in blisters in the skin, mucosal membranes or internal organs. Individuals who suffer from EB have such fragile skin that even the slightest touch may cause painful wounds and blisters. EB patients are extremely susceptible to infection and many require extensive wound care. EB is a rare disease and has no cure.

Our dedicated team of product specialists and insurance experts work directly with more than 500 EB families nationwide to help them obtain reimbursible products through their health insurance for this devastating disease. Learn more about our commitment to EB patients and their families by visiting our dedicated website

1 Shipping is contingent upon receiving product authorization from the insurance provider and does not apply to incontinence products, breast pumps, orthopedic bracing or orthotics.